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Temporal Seismic Series


Simone Marzorati – simone.marzorati@ingv.it

Chiara Ladina – chiara.ladina@ingv.it

Marco Cattaneo – marco.cattaneo@ingv.it

Simona Carannante – simona.carannante@ingv.it

Ezio D’Alema – ezio.dalema@ingv.it

Lucia Zaccarelli – lucia.zaccarelli@bo.ingv.it

Gilberto Saccorotti – gilberto.saccorotti@pi.ingv.it

Zupo Maria – maria.zupo@pi.ingv.it

With TOSS we aim to assess the main characteristics of the ambient (seismic) noise. We intend assess the performance of the acquisition system in terms of time series entirety, number of gaps and data quality over a long time window. We apply the probability density function (PDF) method (a) to assess the performance of the seismographs and to construct a noise model of the study area. While the characterization of the (seismic) wave field for understanding the spatial and temporal distribution of the sources of the noise, is performed using selected stations of the network like a seismic array.

By applying a series of techniques to cross-correlate ambient noise (Multi Window Cross Spectrum, b; the stretching techniques, c, d) we will also investigate changes of the crustal elastic properties.

We will work on a original procedure to obtain crustal shear wave tomography images by the inversion of dispersion curves information (g) resulting from correlation techniques that are able to extract surface wave information from ambient seismic noise (e, f).


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